Lovejoy - The Snow is Red
Lovejoy - The Snow is Red

Searching the outer limits of the inter-webs, if one sifts through the common and mundane long enough, one often happens upon the bizarre and unique, and in rare circumstances the beautiful and imaginative. In even rarer circumstances these things all come together to form something so intriguing that one just has to return to it, perhaps over and over.

Lovejoy - The Snow is RedOne of these odd wonders is Lovejoy’s The Snow is Red, a concept album based on a surrealistic “Brave New World” scenario, where parents pay a particular scientist to engineer the perfect children for an exorbitant price – only to find out that over twenty other children had to be killed in order to fulfill their order. On top of that, the remains of those sacrificed are sold and used for medical experiments.

Lovejoy - The Snow is RedWe get to see this world from multiple points of view in a work that can be quite moving when listened to in its entirety – and in the right setting.  An enjoyable, if not slightly disturbing, musical journey. Give it a few listens before you start poking around for information on said inter-webs – no cheating – once the veil of mystery is removed the whole story is turned on its head.


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