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Came across these down under psych-rockers while perusing through the It’s Psychedelic Baby magazine podcast (this one, in fact). As soon as that trip was over, I zoomed right over to their Bandcamp page to see if the rest of their material matched the fuzzy mellow-vibe intensity of “Seek the Sun”.  It did.  It does.

Mt. Mountain at
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Mt. Mountain formed in mid-2012. A year later, they put out their first release – the slow, brooding four-track demo OMED. In mid-2014, they followed up with their first EP, as well as the 7-inch, Chantry / The Villain, a few months later. In that same year, they played In the Pines and were crowned the 2014 Breakthrough Artist of the Year at the WAMi Awards.

In 2015, RTRFM selected Mt. Mountain as one of 12 acts to feature in its short film live performance series The View From Here. Later that year played the State of the Art Festival and supported Thee Oh Sees, Earthless and MONO.

In 2016, Mt. Mountain release their first full-length album, COSMOS TERROS. Over 18 months in the making, the six songs on Cosmos Terros represent the clearest realisation of the band’s expansive sounds – menacing, meditative and utterly entrancing.  (triple j Unearthed)

Mt. Mountain at
Photo via Facebook

On their latest effort, “Dust”, released April of 2017, Mt. Mountain have laid down 4 tracks that capture the atmosphere of the red/orange landscapes that consume the Australian Outback. Opening with the mini slow burn epic “Dust” which builds with an incessant drone and flute to form a ghostly menacing and meditative rhythmic and repetitive throb that builds and builds before the release comes and the bands shatters into a heady and thunderous elliptical crunch. Over the entire LP Mt Mountain capture, a dreamlike mood of shimmering dust filled landscapes where slow strummed guitars and single note organ lines ebb and flow and bring to mind Dylan Carson’s ‘Earth’ as played by mushroom ingesting elf’s. ‘Dust’ is psych rock meditation music and It is utterly entrancing. (Bandcamp)

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