Tyranny is Tyranny – The Rise of Disaster Capitalism

a2116154605_16What happens to a dream deferred?
Does it wither, or does it explode?

So asks the first song from the second full-length effort from Madison’s Tyranny is Tyranny. In this case, the answer is the latter. From the outset, The Rise of Disaster Capitalism explodes in a beautiful sound-scape of overdriven sludge, screaming torment, and lo-fi noise rock, punctuated with quiet, troubling interludes, and the rest of the album delivers accordingly.

Each of the five songs is an epic tale of struggle and oppression, each its own vicious animal that cowers in corners and strikes when least expected – yet taken in its entirety, the whole thing flows together almost seamlessly.

Despite their politics (just type “tyranny is tyranny” into your search engine and see what comes up), Tyranny is Tyranny’s lyrics stand on their own, being crafted in such a way that they never come off as preachy or blatantly (and un-artisticly) obvious, so that the leftist and the libertarian alike can find something to relate to.

You can download The Rise of Disaster Capitalism for free at Bandcamp.com, but I would recommend at least the cursory $.99 per song, if you’re going to go that route. Otherwise, as you might expect, there’s colored vinyl.

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