Austin’s Flying Saucers

The Flying SaucersThe Flying Saucers came out of Austin, Texas in the mid 90’s playing a nice mix of psychedelic and alternative indie rock.  The first time I heard of the Flying Saucers they were playing at Emo’s off of 6th Street in Austin, a club we frequented due to the fact that it was free to get in – and as a bonus had some decent local and traveling bands coming through.  We basically went to Emo’s by default back then and as a rule we rarely, if ever, checked to see who was on the roster, the night in question being no exception to this rule.

Over the next year or so I saw them frequently at venues such as the Hole in the Wall and the Electric Lounge – where I happened to be present for their performance of the song included on “Overload: Live at the Electric Lounge”.  I was even fortunate enough to see them rehearse in their all-too-cool practice pad in the upstairs of a commercial building a block or two away from Emo’s. Rumor was they sent a rather conservative looking version of their drummer to pose as a sculptor in need of studio space in order to secure the lease.

Although one would assume that the band was for the most part the brainchild of singer/songwriter/guitarist Jon Sanchez (of The Summer Wardrobe and Paraguay), I came to know them throughout this time as a package deal, with second guitarist Adam Sultan bringing his own take on their sci-fi rock to the table, backed by the solid rhythm section of Cindy Toth on bass and backing vocals (currently of the Reivers) and Jeff Hoskins (drums/master of disguise).  When Adam Sultun departed and was subsequently replaced with Lance Schriner, the sound was altered a bit but the Saucers stayed their course, producing their 3rd and final self-titled release, filled with classic Flying Saucers soundscapes and themes (love songs for aliens?). 

After just barely missing out on major label success, they continued playing and recording, although they went decidedly unnoticed outside of Texas, finally calling it quits sometime around 95 – 96.

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