Shivaree – Medford, WI

To the best of my knowledge, Northern Wisconsin’s veteran punk outfit Shivaree, who played numerous, energetic, crowd-pleasing gigs across the state and back, ended up with only one release in their gloriously unknown career. Delivering their fast-paced, straightforward indie rock brand of hardcore and peppering their shows with Northwoods humor and trivia giveaways, they never left the loose-nit, small town teenage punk scenes of America’s Dairyland wanting.

Hailing from the unlikely 80’s Midwestern hardcore mecca of Medford, WI, Shivaree was the final product of a maturing process of several younger bands, including Mink Capital Terror (MCT). One wonders how an unheard of town of roughly 4,000, whose main bragging rights come from mink farming, became home to a vibrant punk rock scene boasting some of the best WI hardcore available at the time.

Traveling down-state to record their only release, the full length CD “For the Day We Grow Up” on Horse Records, they ended up at Madison’s own Smart Studios, home of the now famous Butch Vig, to pump out 15 tracks of bare-bones, high-energy indie-punk that at once conveys both a youthful exuberance and a grown-up sort of maturity, all delivered in a package of honest and eager three-chord songs.

The CD is long out of print, and downloads are impossible to find – there just aren’t any – but there does happen to be a Youtube video of track one, entitled, “Come”.

Visit the archive page here.

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